Local footy fan Fletcher Smith was the undisputed winner this Mitre 10 Cup season.

The pint-sized rugby enthusiast scored himself a ‘behind the scenes’ North Harbour Rugby experience, joining the team in its build up to Saturday’s home game.

Honorary team membership in hand, Fletcher and his dad Gavin were treated to an inside look at what it means to wear the premiership jersey.

“We joined the team for a pre-match meal, primer in the gym, a tour of the stadium, watching the coin toss and a seat on the bench for the entire match,” said Mr Smith.

“That’s a priceless experience for a kid who idolises these players and worships the game.”

“It’s safe to say, as Fletcher’s parents I’m not sure how we’ll ever top this,” he joked.

The unique opportunity was donated by North Harbour Rugby to support a fundraising auction.

Highest bidder Phil Brosnan of Brosnan Construction claimed the prize was a win-win.

“This was a chance to make a positive difference to a fundraiser, earning a reward for my team in the process,” Mr Brosnan said.

“We ran a competition amongst staff, asking them to tell us about their rugby-mad child and what that child does that makes a positive difference, which is what Brosnan is all about.”

“Fletcher’s die-hard devotion to the game combined with his outstanding approach to sportsmanship is exactly what we were looking for,” he said.

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