Long Term Maintenance Planning

Leveraging information from surveys, operations and maintenance manuals, Brosnan Maintenance creates an asset register and long- term maintenance plan, designed to ensure statutory requirements under the Unit Titles Act are achieved. Long- term maintenance planning also ensures your building continues to perform as intended, your warranties are protected, your maintenance costs are minimised, and your building continues to appreciate as an asset.

How Brosnan Maintenance can give you peace of mind

Maximising the value of your investment: your apartment is an asset and when the time comes to sell, the full value will be realised.

Integrated Facilities Maintenance: With a single source of truth to support decision making, and all building information and operation manuals are on hand, required maintenance will be seamless, efficient and managed by experts.

Compliance: Building warrant of fitness, health and safety and the Unit Titles Act requirements will be maintained.

Cost control: Costs will be budgeted for so there will be no defects or unplanned deferred maintenance.