Brosnan Maintenance

From remediation to maintenance – the benefits of continuity of care.


Building on our vision of “Confidence in Construction”, Brosnan Maintenance provides facilities management to our customers, to ensure longevity and maximum long-term return on their asset value is delivered.

Many building owners believe their most significant capital investment is made at the construction stage, and once occupied, their asset will deliver lasting returns with minimum further investment.

When the building remediation is complete, the site team step away leaving inexperienced tenant groups or disengaged service providers to manage the asset.  Over time, deferred maintenance and repairs, inconsistent service relationships and little understanding of compliance requirements can transform a building from an asset to a liability. Brosnan Maintenance is our commitment to longevity beyond the remediation of a building, to meet the needs of our customers after the construction team leaves the site.

Brosnan Maintenance allows our customers to retain the same trusted relationship and quality of service, delivered in remediating their building, for the remainder of its life.

Richard Ashton

General Manager, Brosnan Maintenance

BIFM Diploma in Facilities Management

Richard helps owners ensure the value created during construction of their building is retained for its lifetime, by applying best practice long-term maintenance solutions.

As the General Manager for Brosnan Maintenance, Richard bridges the gap between building owners and the multitude of building trades and services they need. He works to help solve people’s building maintenance problems today and avoid costly issues tomorrow.

Richard sees Brosnan’s newly established Maintenance division as a complimentary continuation of the relationship and quality outcomes provided by its building and remediation processes.

Richard’s organisation skills and passion for solving problems align perfectly with a career dedicated to building maintenance. Working closely with people and properties means that every day is different, and Richard is motivated by the personal relationships Brosnan’s areas of specialisation bring.

Focusing on retaining asset value and solving problems before they happen means Richard considers the short and long-term implications before implementing maintenance systems and processes that work in the real world.

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