Takapuna, Auckland


Mar, 2017


This complex project involved the complete transformation of an existing 2,700 m2 building from existing office space into one floor for an outpatient hospital facility, and two upper floors of office and training spaces. The main hospital operations were required to be maintained throughout all construction activities.

The building was required to be brought up to current building code, involving the removal of all non-structural existing materials and taking the building back to its base structure. We then replaced all windows and

light claddings, added a lift and lift shaft and fitted  out the project with an intensive services network for the hospital’s outpatient requirements. New office and learning spaces also required extensive services.


Originally built as nurse’s accommodation, Building 5 has been repurposed many times, which led to a range of issues and complexities discovered during demolition. This resulted in unforeseen design and cost issues, however Brosnan worked proactively to drive design

co-ordination and offer pragmatic, cost and time saving

solutions to address challenges as they arose.

One such challenge was that due to the building’s age modern services were not easily incorporated. Therefore, upon completion of the strip outs, we worked closely with the consultants to identify and establish new routes for the proposed services.

The new configuration also required some structural elements to be removed; achieved by replacing previous concrete walls with high load beams while adding block infills and then cutting away the existing structure, making way for new service penetrations throughout.

The project required detailed design management and coordination to ensure adequate structural fixings and loads were supported, including design managing an untested passive fire protection system separating the floors.

Our involvement delivered multiple savings during the early procurement stages, examples of which included changing the design solution for mechanical services (saving the client $150,000) and altering the civil and trenching details.

Three months prior to practical completion, a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) was also negotiated bringing cost certainty and peace of mind to the client.

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This project has been very challenging in that the scope significantly increased due to unknown and complex building issues, resulting in both time and cost overruns.

In this context, the team at Brosnan have made my role as Client Project Manager easier due to their construction knowledge and approach. They provided advanced notification, and using robust cost and programme forecasting tools, they have promoted a no surprises culture, steering the project in the path of least resistance at all times, providing a fair outcome for the Waitemata DHB.

Accordingly, the Brosnan team have demonstrated their solid grasp of the client’s needs, having been involved right from the early design and procurement stages. Health and safety, quality, cost and programme management have received the degree of attention they should, resulting in right first time outcomes.

Hatish Padharia
Client Project Manager, Perficio Consultants