Our business is built on providing tailored project and construction management services.

How we deliver

If we asked you to tell us the three key needs that underpin any project, you’d likely answer ‘Time, Cost and Quality’.

You’d also probably tell us that along with those needs are an array of challenges will affect a project too. Perhaps patients need to remain in the building during construction? Perhaps there are multiple stakeholders to manage? Perhaps the building is perched on the side of a cliff?

At Brosnan, we chose to focus on working with clients whose primary need is to achieve a ‘time sensitive’ completion, ‘superior quality’, or both. Like our clients, we’re well aware of the pitfalls of a ‘cheapest price’ tendering approach and we’re committed to doing things differently.

Tailored service

Our full range of commercial construction management services are customised on a project-specific basis, and we work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and challenges and deliver on expectations.

This unique approach looks beyond the requirement for an often unreliable ‘lowest cost’ to critical drivers such as experience within live environments, flexibility with an evolving brief, speed to market and build quality.

What’s the main goal or
challenge for your project?

Superior Quality

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Our experience in delivering projects of superior quality not only includes high-end, luxury new builds but also projects where quality means executing every detail to the set standard, essentially 'getting it right the first time'.

Time Sensitive

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Achieving a strict completion date is often critical for clients who manage student-based facilities, have tenants moving in, or who have consecutive projects scheduled. Along with significant experience, Brosnan have a dedicated National Programme Manager to ensure all projects are delivered to a timely completion.

Remote Location

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Isolated locations present significant challenges including extreme weather conditions, long lead times, difficult logistics, personnel safety concerns and more. Testament to our knowledge and management of such conditions, Brosnan won a 2019 NZIOB award for our delivery of the luxury lodge ‘The Lindis’ on an extremely rugged and isolated site.

Awkward site

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Restricted access and close proximity to existing buildings/natural resources often causes a key project challenge. The majority of Brosnan’s projects are delivered within challenging sites and we are known for our innovative methods and commitment to finding a ‘best-for-client’ solution.

Multiple stakeholder management

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Managing the needs and expectations of multiple stakeholders and/or public interest requires planning and consistent communication. Brosnan is highly experienced in this regard, with a range of strategies in place to ensure proactive, positive relationships through to project completion.

Live environment

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Key considerations when occupants need to remain in the building include stakeholder safety, ease of existing operations, minimum disruption and the most cost-effective approach. With over 20 multi-million dollar remediation projects to our name, many within live environments, Brosnan is an industry leader in overcoming this challenge.

Evolving design brief

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Often, unknown factors present the biggest project challenge. This could include discovering asbestos, or the design implications of needing to secure a commercial tenant partway through a new build. With an evolving brief, securing a contractor with proven flexibility and adaptability becomes crucial.

No/incomplete design

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These projects require early contractor involvement, which is where Brosnan’s experience as a contractor who listens and gets it right is proven. Early engagement allows us to gain a clear understanding of the project goals and challenges, and to either design a tailored solution or provide advice on the best strategies to achieve those goals.

Hazardous environment

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Health and safety is critical on every site, however certain projects carry the potential for serious environmental or physical risk. Brosnan’s expertise on such projects include works to service stations and within precarious environments such as heritage and fragile sites.

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