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The Spencer Hotel

The owners of The Spencer Hotel were able to keep the hotel operational and avoid significant revenue loss during its extensive remediation programme. 

The Spencer Hotel is a 21-floor building situated in Takapuna, Auckland. Comprising a hotel, owner-occupied and tenanted apartments, the building’s original external cladding system no longer met the requirements of the NZ Building Code.  

Brosnan was engaged under early contractor involvement (ECI) and construction contract to deliver the scope of works comprising:  

  • Replacing cladding and the exterior waterproof membranes 
  • Internal redecorating  
  • Installation of new synthetic tennis court turf, fencing and lighting  
  • Structural work, waterproofing and finishing to the swimming pool and spa areas   

Brosnan places a strong emphasis on understanding customers’ priorities and developing solutions around themThe critical client requirement for this project was to keep the hotel operational during the remediation process. Our team devised a cost-effective “two floors” at a time construction methodology, requiring only 28 of the 249 rooms to be vacated at any one time, resulting in significant client savings by mitigating lost revenue.   

Developing an innovative scaffolding system was critical in delivering the methodology. We knew traditional scaffolding would be disruptive, visually unacceptable, and potentially costly if there were delays. Brosnan partnered with an engineering firm to lead the design and construction of an innovative series of suspended scaffolds. This world-first, two-level, fully enclosed platform solution has the potential to revolutionise the recladding process for high-rise buildings. 

Gavin Smith, Regional Manager for the Upper North Island, was an Innovation Category finalist for the 2021 NZIOB Awards for his role in developing the suspended scaffold. 


The hanging scaffolding system gave excellent access to all areas of the façade for the remediation process to progress, as per the agreed program in a seamless manner.”

David MadsenProject Architect, Ignite Architects