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Our Approach

Building remediations, upgrades, refurbishments and maintenance can be stressful and disruptive. We understand the challenges you might face:

How do we assemble a team of experts to de-risk and deliver our project?

Who do we need, when do we need them, what terms should we engage them under, and what should we do to de-risk the project?

How disruptive will this be?

Do we need to close the building? Will we need to move out? Where will we go? What will we do with the building’s contents?

How will we stay on top of costs and the completion date?

How will we know how much finance to raise to meet progress payments, and will we get sufficient notice? How will we know when we need to move out and when we can move back in, and will we get enough notice?

How do we know we are getting a quality job?

If we are going to the trouble and expense of refurbishing or restoring our building, we want to get it right the first time, this time.

How will we have peace of mind?

What guarantees do we have?

At Brosnan, we start with the customer’s needs to create a tailored solution.

As your building remediation, refurbishment and restoration partner, we’ll make solving your challenges easy.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Whether we are the contractor getting involved early or taking on the role of design manager, the sooner we’re involved, the more value we can add to your project.
This can include:

  • Assembling a specialist team of consultants
  • Procurement and management of specialist subcontractors
  • Invasive testing to identify defects and to refine the scope
  • Reducing risk by carrying out a pilot project

Our early involvement ensures your project is set up for success and your remediation, refurbishment or restoration journey is a positive experience.

“Brosnan has successfully achieved the scope of works as outlined in the ECI contract. They are continuing to meet difficult timeframes on-site in the construction phase whilst simultaneously working with the design team on the future stages of the project. Brosnan’s performance to date has led to them procuring the upcoming stages through an open-book negotiated process with WA.”

-Richard Moore, White Associates

Methodologies that minimise disruption

Our process of getting involved early enables us to understand your requirements, to devise a bespoke methodology and programme for the design, consenting and construction phases that work around you.

“Brosnan was proactive in sequencing and planning the on-site operations. This resulted in no complaints and no disruptions to business as usual for both parties.”

-Graeme Marshall, Project Director, Sidera Consulting

Reliable cost and time forecasting

Our regular and robust reporting processes are designed to keep you informed along the way, providing you with sufficient notice and no surprises.

“They provided advanced notification, and using robust cost and programme forecasting tools, they have promoted a no-surprises culture, steering the project in the path of least resistance at all times, providing a fair outcome for the Waitemata DHB.”

-Hatish Padharia, Director, Perficio Consultants Limited.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance should be achieved in real-time and not an afterthought. Our process integrates all the tests, inspections, samples, and documents required to attain a quality and compliant outcome into the programme. Our inspections draw on relevant literature and our library of lessons learnt, ensuring we get it right the first time, this time.

“For any project, the three key KPIs are budget, time and quality. Brosnan delivered on their promise on all three accounts.”

-Danny Lee, Project Manager, Xigo 

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