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The Brosnan Story

Brosnan remediates, upgrades, refurbishes, and maintains existing buildings. We begin with the customer’s needs and create effective, tailored solutions for each project. Brosnan gives clients the confidence that their most valued asset is in safe hands.

Brosnan’s History

In 2010, Phil Brosnan founded Brosnan in Auckland to make a positive difference and build a sustainable business that would last for generations. From our very first project, the remediation of the Mon Desire Apartments in Auckland, our mission has been to understand and deliver on each client’s unique needs.

Following the Canterbury earthquakes, Phil and his brother, Craig, established our first South Island office in Christchurch, assisting with the region’s rebuild. Around the country, our reputation grew as true specialists in remediation, upgrade, and refurbishments of multi-unit residential and non-residential buildings. We have since established offices in Queenstown, Wellington, and Tauranga.

Over the course of delivering hundreds of projects, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how stressful and disruptive remediation, upgrade, and refurbishment work can be. We understand these challenges firsthand.

New Zealand’s Construction Industry

Brosnan’s Chief Executive, Geoff Nash, has a personal connection to the industry that dates back to his childhood. At five years old, he watched his mum’s new home take shape, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for construction. A decade later, his mum discovered that she had a leaky home, exposing Geoff to the distress and turmoil that such circumstances can inflict.

Unfortunately, stories like Geoff’s are far from unique. The years spanning from 1991 to 2005 saw the construction of 350,000 homes in New Zealand with glaring deficiencies – untreated timber, direct fixed cladding, untested materials, and flawed architectural choices, leading to what we now recognise as the leaky building crisis, often referred to as nation’s most significant manmade catastrophe.

Not only do these buildings have significant defects requiring remediation, but they are also poorly maintained, exacerbating existing problems and creating new ones.

The leaky building crisis is just one of the many challenges the industry has grappled with. Even well-established firms have folded under pressure, leaving behind unfinished, subpar buildings, unpaid subcontractors, and invalidated warranties.

All of these issues have had a negative impact, leaving the companies that remain tasked with changing the construction industry’s reputation.

Confidence in Construction

As specialists in remediations, upgrades, and refurbishments, we have seen a lot of buildings that have been poorly maintained.  We know that looking after a building goes beyond the initial construction or remediation project; it includes ongoing maintenance. That’s why we began providing asset management services.

We believe in proactively contributing to extending the life of buildings. We work with clients to tailor asset management strategies that ensure that their buildings meet current standards and withstand the tests of time and the environment.

At Brosnan, we are committed to continuous improvement and education. We aren’t afraid to adapt to change, and we enjoy challenging the status quo. Our shared vision of restoring confidence in construction is at the heart of all we do.

Brosnan brings genuine customer service and teamwork to the construction site. I would classify them as an open and innovative builder who works in a collaborative fashion and is prepared to share the innovation and the benefits. They have a long-term view to both their clients and the buildings they deliver."

Jonathan BarryManaging Director, Frequency Project Management

Mon Desir

Brosnan’s first project back in 2010 was the Mon Desir, a five-storey  weathertightness remedial project. This was a poignant indicator of Brosnan’s long term market position as a building remediation, refurbishment and restoration specialist.