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Body Corporate Finance through MOD Finance

Through our process of understanding our clients’ unique needs, we know the real challenges our customers face. One of the most common hurdles in building projects is funding. Through an exclusive partnership with MOD Finance, we are able to help our clients access unsecured lending to finance their remediation, refurbishment, restoration, and maintenance projects.

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Carpentry Resourcing through Bettabuilt

Bettabuilt operates under a business model of national coverage and is linked to Brosnan through shared ownership. Through Bettabuilt, we have over 200 employees, providing hard-working, well-trained, and supervised carpentry teams nationwide. The ability to secure resources within the constraints of a tight construction labour market is a crucial risk to be managed for projects; on-time and on-budget delivery.

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Industry Support

As a market leader, Brosnan acts to enhance the knowledge and skills of Body Corporate Chairpersons and Committee Members through our ongoing sponsorship and support of key bodies in New Zealand.

We actively provide sponsorship and support, including presentations and training to organisations such as The Body Corporate Chairs’ Group and Strata Community Association. Building remediations and restorations are complex endeavours and body corporates face many challenges and questions. Our support provides an expert voice, helping body corporates understand some of the complexities of the process.