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Hobson Towers Apartments

Hobson Towers Apartments

  • Building refurbishment

Hobson Towers is a twelve-level apartment building comprising a boutique complex of 39 residences in the heart of Auckland’s CBD.

The project’s initial intent was to replace the fibre cement cladding material; however, the scope was dramatically increased when it was discovered that the building required significant structural upgrading.

With over half of the building’s occupants continuing to reside in the complex during construction, managing the occupied spaces required careful coordination.

Brosnan’s ability to adapt to changes in scope and circumstances and our commitment to health and safety ensured that resident and public safety was at the forefront. Brosnan maintained all health and safety standards, which meant that disruption was minimised, and the building remained occupied throughout the project.

Initial collaboration with the design consultants ensured the structural upgrade was developed to prevent significant disruption. Our Project Manager, Gavin Smith, led the design management process (which was outside of the original scope of our contract) to ensure continuity of work. The result was a staged programme with sectional and elevation-by-elevation completion to minimise disruption to residents.

With the scope of work increasing beyond the initial intent, the team knew it was key to maintain open communication chains with building residents and management. We established and maintained a day-to-day community notice board keeping residents informed of progress and upcoming scheduled events, including resident notifications for access to apartments. This created a transparent and ‘no surprises’ environment throughout the major renovation works.

Despite the substantial changes to the original project, Brosnan embraced the challenges, providing solutions that ensured the project was completed within budget and to programme, with minimal impact on residents.