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Oaks Shores

Reece and his talented team have overseen the Oaks Shores remediation project, where guests and residents experienced minimal disruption through Brosnan’s flexible programme and innovative build methodologies. 

Located on the picturesque shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, Oak Shores is a four-block, multi unit hotel/apartment complex undergoing remediation. The scope of work includes remediation of the external cladding, structural elements, balconies, balustrades, exterior and interior walls, window joinery and roofs.  

Brosnan provided buildability advice and innovative programme delivery options to reduce risk and achieve a cost-effective solution.  

A flexible and responsive attitude has enabled Brosnan to adapt its works programme and accommodate increases in scope as further defects were uncovered during the remediation process. Twice monthly updates that include a transparent pricing process ensure the Body Corporate are proactively informed of the programme and budget changes. 

There is a strong focus on minimising the disruption, noise and dust from the works delivered within a live and sensitive hotel environment. For example, to minimise the need for construction traffic on the complex’s access road, Brosnan partnered with an engineering firm to develop a bespoke Materials Handling Unit (MHU). The MHU is installed away from the access road to bring in supplies, remove waste materials with minimal safety risk, and streamline site operations. 

We have established a close relationship with the hotel’s management, keeping them informed of upcoming activities and agreeing on suitable works start/end times. 

The works are inspected continuously by multiple consultants who are impressed by the high-quality assurance carried out on site. 


We have engaged Brosnan to undertake a highly complex and complicated watertightness remediation. The nature of the project has called for a high level of planning, skill and attention to detail.
Brosnan have overcome numerous unforeseen hurdles along the way. We have been impressed with the collaborative approach of Brosnan, particularly around methodology. They have provided innovative solutions for challenging situations, particularly as needs have evolved during construction.
You certainly have an outstanding team; they all do a wonderful job. I can’t tell you how many times Reece has gone above and beyond for us, which I so appreciate. We have been incredibly fortunate to have such a talented, professional and committed team. The team culture and integrity is second to none. The result to our complex has been exemplary."

Carly StewartOak Shores Body Corporate 355492