Apartment Owners


Mission Bay, Auckland




Jan, 2019


Mar, 2019

This project involves the removal and replacement of the building’s existing balcony cladding, installation of a new gutter system, and repainting the exterior block, plaster, aluminium garage doors, timber pergola and exterior steel beams in accordance with Resene’s specifications. The building comprises four apartments each on its own level, plus occupant garaging on the ground floor.

Key challenges during this seven-week programme include working within a live environment as residents will remain on site, and access logistics due to the tight, sloping site—due to the limited workspace there are no lay down areas for materials or site waste storage. The team is also mindful of the possibility of discovering rotten timber and asbestos within the existing structure.

Works will begin with the installation of a scaffold suspended from the balcony of Level 1, which will ensure residents have unobstructed access the ground floor garage throughout the project. The face scaffold will then be installed up to Level 5. This will allow the demolition team to remove existing tiles while the scaffold progresses to the side elevations which are situated on a steep embankment. Upon removal of the existing balcony claddings, an investigation will take place on the substructure to ensure there is no current water damage. If found, new details will be required to ensure the installation of a “like for like or better” system in order to prevent any future reoccurrences of the issue.

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